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Our Vision 

To be global leaders in sustainable development, transforming communities with strategic and innovative investments, while promoting social equity and environmental protection.

Innovation and Commitment.

"Welcome to DELCA"

We lead with business strength and social purpose. We transform communities through innovation and the circular economy. We invest in key sectors for sustainable and responsible development. We drive a better future!

Our Vision

At DELCA International Group, we are committed to sustainable development and social transformation. Our vision is to create a positive and lasting impact on communities through strategic investments and responsible practices.

Strategic Investments

We invest in key sectors such as hydrocarbons, aerospace, mining, and fintech. These investments allow us to drive economic and technological progress, create jobs, and promote sustainable growth.

investments in industrial sectors"

They are the key, they are the basis of sustainable social development.

We are a constantly growing engine of social development, continually expanding our reach and impact. Our efforts create lasting positive change in communities around the world, driving progress and fostering sustainable development for future generations.

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Our Essence

DELCA International Group combines business strength with social purpose, driving sustainable development and transforming communities globally.

Global Alliances

We work closely with multiple governments to develop projects that benefit both local communities and national economies. Our strategic alliances ensure the success and sustainability of our initiatives.

Innovation and Technology

  • Our commitment to innovation and technology allows us to lead in critical sectors. We develop advanced solutions that promote efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and improve quality of life.

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Circular Economy

  • We believe in the circular economy as a fundamental pillar of our operations. We implement practices that minimize waste and maximize resource use, promoting a greener and more sustainable future.

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Social Responsibility

Our commitment to social responsibility is unwavering. We work to improve living conditions in the communities where we operate, providing support and resources for their holistic development.

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Our operations have a global impact, making a difference in multiple countries.


We strive to be a business model that balances financial success with social and environmental well-being.

Sustainable Projects

We are dedicated to developing projects that promote sustainability and energy efficiency. Each of our projects is designed to minimize environmental impact and maximize social and economic benefits.

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Cultura de Innovación

  • We foster a culture of innovation where creative ideas are transformed into practical solutions. Our team is constantly seeking new ways to solve challenges and seize opportunities for sustainable development.

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Culture of Innovation

At DELCA International Group, quality and excellence are fundamental. We strive to maintain the highest standards in all our operations, ensuring that each project meets our strict performance and ethical guidelines.

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Leaders in High-Impact Business Development

Delca international Group

Leaders in Business Development and Global Sustainability

We transform communities with strategic investments, technological innovation, and global alliances.

Our commitment drives economic and social progress, creating a positive and lasting impact.

With a focus on the circular economy and social responsibility, we set new standards of excellence in all our projects.

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