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Keeper Sky By DELCA


At Keeper Sky we specialize in developing and deploying New Space technologies, designed to accelerate space access and revolutionize satellite and geospatial information management. Our technology focuses on innovation and disruption, providing advanced and sustainable solutions that enhance the efficiency and productivity of our clients.

Our vision

To be the world's leading company in space services, recognized for our precision, innovation, and commitment to sustainability.


 DELCA Keeper Sky

Our History

Keeper Sky was born with the vision of revolutionizing access to space information through the use of nanosatellites.


As pioneers on the Latin continent, we have signed initial contracts with the governments of the USA and several provincial governments in Argentina, and we already have four satellites in test orbit.


"With the preparation of our first constellation of 150 nanosatellites for 2025, we are ready to transform the space industry"

Innovation and Technology

KeeperSky collaborates with renowned academic and scientific institutions worldwide to drive innovation and technological development.

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Sustainability and Environment

We are committed to sustainability and environmental respect. We implement sustainable practices in all our operations and constantly work to reduce our environmental impact

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Strategic Collaborations

KeeperSky collaborates with renowned academic and scientific institutions worldwide to drive innovation and technological development

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Technological Development

Our focus on research and development allows us to stay at the forefront of space technology. We implement advanced data processing algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques

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Mission and Values


To provide precise and accessible spatial data, enabling industries and governments to make informed decisions, improving their daily operations, and promoting sustainable innovation.


  • Continuous Innovation: Developing and improving our technologies to offer efficient and precise solutions.

  • Global Expansion: Ensuring more industries and governments have access to crucial spatial information.

  • Sustainability: Implementing sustainable practices in all our operations.

  • Accessibility: Democratizing access to spatial information for all stakeholders.

Essays and tests

Highlighted Projects

Keeper Sky has participated in numerous successful projects that demonstrate our capacity and commitment to excellence. From crop monitoring in Argentina to mining prospecting in South America, our satellites have provided crucial data for informed decision-making

Keeper Sky By DELCA

Cutting-Edge Technology
We use the most advanced technology to ensure our satellites provide high-quality and reliable data. Our focus on artificial intelligence and advanced data processing techniques allows us to offer unique solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Crop and Livestock Monitoring

Yield Prediction: Accurate prediction of crop yields to aid in planning and logistics.

Maritime, Aerial, and Terrestrial Control Systems

Monitor the location and status of assets in transit to prevent loss and improve logistics.

Mining Prospecting
And More

Monitor environmental conditions to ensure sustainable and responsible mining practices.

Redefining Space Technology


"We are the first Latin American aerospace services company competing with global industry giants, redefining the future of space technology."





Stay tuned

KeeperSky is about to transform the way you see the world from space

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