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For Capital Oil & Gas.

Our vision at Capital Oil & Gas Limited is to be a leading force in the global energy sector, driving innovation and sustainability in oil and gas exploration and production.


We are committed to responsibly unlocking energy resources to meet the world's growing demand, while prioritizing environmental stewardship and community engagement.

As one of the premier holding companies in the petrochemical industry, we strive to set new standards of excellence and efficiency, ensuring long-term value creation for our stakeholders and contributing to a sustainable energy future.


Capital Oil BY DELCA

Global Presence

Capital Oil & Gas Limited has a robust presence across multiple continents, showcasing our economic power and commitment to sustainable development:


  • Middle East

  • Europe

  • USA

  • Africa

  • South and Central America


Our extensive global network ensures we have a strategic influence in key markets, enabling us to leverage opportunities and drive growth.

Sustainability Commitment.
By integrating environmentally responsible methods in all our processes, we aim to set new standards of excellence in the energy sector.

Environmental Initiatives

Implementing cutting-edge technologies to reduce emissions.


Investing in renewable energy projects.

economy in motion

Promoting the circular economy by minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

DELCA's Capital Oil & Gas hydrocarbon refinery.

Our Core Operations
Energy Supply Chain

We are deeply integrated into the energy supply chain, managing the production and distribution of various essential energy products:

  • LCO (Light Cycle Oil)

  • LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)

  • Crude Oil

  • Jet Fuel

Our sophisticated logistics and supply chain management systems ensure the efficient and reliable delivery of these products to meet global demand.

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Economic Power


Capital Oil & Gas Limited harnesses its significant economic power to drive innovation and growth in the global energy industry. Our strategic investments and extensive operations across key regions ensure we have the capacity to influence market trends and contribute to global economic development.

Key Strengths:01

Robust financial foundation supporting large-scale projects.

Key Strengths: 02

Strategic investments in critical energy sectors.

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Key Strengths:03

A diverse portfolio that ensures resilience and adaptability in a dynamic market.

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Capital Oil &  hydrocarbon refinery illuminated at night. BY DELCA

Innovation and Excellence

  • Pioneering new technologies and practices in energy production.

  • Maintaining the highest standards of quality and operational efficiency.

Our Strengths

Capital Oil  pipeline infrastructure. BY DELCA

Global Impact

  • Making a difference in multiple countries through strategic initiatives.

  • Balancing financial success with social and environmental well-being.

Capital Oil  oil extraction operations. By DELCA

Community Engagement

  • Improving living conditions in the communities where we operate.

  • Providing support and resources for holistic community development.

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